FEC101 May 2, 2016

101 by mp 236 @ 5:29 with 822, 812 & 412 lhf.  Jim saluting and waving out the cab
window with ECH flapping those wings to wave double white from the tread to my
sparklers plus blowing those smooches. 
IM, double stacks, FEC blue containers, a CR England, pair of Agmark short shirt
tanks in a well and an Ashley towards the bottom. 
Caboose at meeting of historical society in Sebastian and just as well, for trying to
vid in this dust storm after the tampering today, would have been hard to make out the
train.  Hard enough for me to see and very windy conditions not helping. 
Meeting 202 at Rio and 202 going into FO.
Anita caboose

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